Explore a world of adventure at Spice Route Destination this April

Looking for a great way to spend your weekends this April? Spice Route Destination invites visitors to join in on the fun-packed events happening this month!

1. Ecofluency Beginner Workshop:

The Fundamentals Of Nature Communication

Date: Saturday, April 6th

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Location: Spice Route Destination

Join us for a beginner’s workshop on Nature communication facilitated by Dr. Saskia von Diest, founder of Ecofluency. This one-day workshop offers a unique chance to reconnect with nature and explore the profound art of communication with animals, plants, insects, and more. Participants will learn to listen to the wisdom of nature using an expanded spectrum of sensory awareness.

Spice Route Destination


Why Join the Ecofluency Workshop?

Nature communication has the power to transform lives, offering access to deeper knowledge and wisdom not often available to our logical minds. Through intuitive connection with nature, participants can make holistic decisions in various aspects of life, from agriculture to personal growth.

Attendees will Discover:

  • Practical applications of nature communication
  • Holistic decision-making strategies
  • Enhanced physical, mental, and emotional vitality
  • Greater harmony in relationships with oneself and the environment

Ticket Information:

  • Normal tickets: R1350 per person
  • Early bird tickets: R1150 per person
  • Limited spaces available (12 participants)
  • Free farmer ticket available (application required)

For inquiries and ticket purchases, please contact Saskia at saskia@ecofluency.org.  or visit the Ecofluency website for more information.

2. Jerusalem Artichokes Workshop with Brendas and Nomoya

Date: Saturday, April 20th

Time: 11:30 for 12:00 sharp

Location: Brendas at Spice Route Destination

Get ready for an exciting workshop on Jerusalem artichokes! Learn all about this versatile plant, including an introduction to the plant and its health benefits. How to grow, harvest and how to prepare Jerusalem Artichokes for different recipes. Enjoy a live cooking show featuring “trifolata” and explore the market for fresh Jerusalem artichokes and handcrafted products by Brenda. The day concludes with a delicious lunch paired with Nomoya and Spice Route wines.

Lunch Menu:

  • Welcome MCC Drink
  • Topinambur Flan
  • Sfoglie with Jerusalem Artichokes Trifolati
  • Fish and Topinambur Puree
  • Bagna Cauda with Vegetables
  • Bread with Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Topinambur Soup

Ticket Information:

Price per person: R750 – includes workshop, lunch and wine pairing, gift.

Pre-booking only. For inquiries and ticket purchases, visit: BRENDAS @ Spice Route, 20 April Jerusalem Artichokes Workshop (nomoyaworld.com)

3. Riaan van Zyl Exhibition – “Chiaroscuro”

Date and time: Sunday, April 14th, 11:30 onwards for the grand opening

Date and time: Following the opening, the exhibition will be accessible daily from Monday, April 15th until Sunday, 28th April, 09:00 – 17:00

Location: The Space, Spice Route Destination

The grand opening of the exhibition will feature live music by Donny Truter from Taleswapper and RAAF, a husband and wife multi-instrumentalist folk-pop duo, Lourens and Esté Rabé.

Don’t miss the captivating artworks of Riaan van Zyl at his latest exhibition, “Chiaroscuro.” Explore his unique approach to capturing movement and ordinary objects. His work challenges perceptions and invites viewers to slow down and see the beauty in the everyday.

Spice Route Destination


“The faster we move the less we see the details.” Using unconventional mediums like old car oil, captured carbon, and cobalt salts, he captures movement in a truly unique way.

Visitors to the farm will have the opportunity to view the art collection at no cost.

For further details, please visit the Spice Route Destination website: Spice Route Destination – a Destination of Dreams or reach out directly at 021 863 5200 or via email at info@spiceroute.co.za.

4. Restaurant Week at Jewell’s Restaurant – A Farm-to-Table Feast

Date: Friday, March 29th until Sunday, May 5th

Time: 11:00 am – 15:00

Location: Jewell’s Restaurant

Jewell’s Restaurant is delighted to be part of Restaurant Week XXI, running from Friday, March 29th to Sunday, May 5th, 2024. During this special event, customers are invited to enjoy a culinary and affordable lunch experience at Jewell’s, featuring a signature Farm-to-Table Feast.

Spice Route Destination


Ticket Information:

  • R295 for two courses or R355 for two courses with paired wine
  • R345 for three courses or R435 for three courses with paired wine

Restaurant Week Menu:

To Start:

  • Potato & Gruyere Risotto, with Burnt Leek & Garlic OR
  • Pea & Ham Soup

Main Course:

  • Chicken Tagine with Harissa & Chickpeas OR
  • Pan-Roasted Line Fish, accompanied by Mussel Fritter & Parsley Sauce


  • Chocolate & Caramel Cheesecake, served with Pear & Passion OR
  • Apple Tart paired with Brown Butter Ice Cream

Please note: Seats are limited. Only online bookings will be accepted. Bookings must be made via www.restaurantweek.co.za.

Spice Route Destination welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant array of events scheduled for April. From the transformative Ecofluency Beginner Workshop, offering a deeper connection with nature, to the hands-on Jerusalem Artichokes Workshop with Brendas and Nomoya, a captivating art exhibition by Riaan van Zyl, and a Farm-to-Table feast offered by Jewell’s Restaurant for Restaurant Week, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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