Best way to clean an Air fryer

Air fryers have become a new appliance favourite in homes over the last couple of years due to their interesting and delicious recipes, with the bonus of their overall convenience for cooking. But like all appliances, there are a lot of questions about the cleaning factor.

The thought of figuring out how to clean your Air fryer can be daunting especially if you are a new buyer. Ease your anxiety, by checking the instruction manual of your specific air fryer to see if the basket and draw can be placed in the dishwasher. Most standard Air fryers can be cleaned with just 3 simple tools, a soft sponge, dishwashing liquid, and water.

Before cleaning your air fryer it is important to remember that it should always be cleaned when unplugged and cooled down. The main component of the Air-fryer must never be placed into any water due to its electrical components. It is also recommended that Air fryers should be cleaned immediately after use, this makes it easier to clean and ensures that there isn’t any long-term buildup of fats and food.

 How to clean your Air fryer:

Step 1

Remove any meat droppings, crumbs, or oil residue from the draw and basket with a cloth or paper towel.

Step 2

After removing the food particles, place a few drops of the dishwashing liquid of your choice and some water and allow for the basket /draw to soak in this mixture for 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 3

After the soak, gently scrub the draw and basket with a soft sponge in the mixture. Make sure that the sponge is soft, always avoid any hard or abrasive tools when cleaning your Air fryer. Most air fryers have a non-stick component, any hard scrubbing or abrasive tools could remove this coating and decrease the longevity of your air fryer.

Step 4

After the soak and soft scrub. Rinse your basket and draw with water then allow for the basket and draw to dry on your dish rack.

Step 5

Once dry wipe down the basket and draw with a drying cloth and ensure that both are completely dry. Any moisture left will allow for bacteria growth once placed back into the main part of the air fryer.

Cleaning the Exterior and Interior parts of the Air fryer:

Although the interior and exterior parts of the Air fryer cannot be placed in water they still need to be cleaned, as food particles and oil can get into them. Simply remove any residue with a bit of dishwashing liquid and a damp hot cloth.  Wipe down both the interior and exterior area of the Air fryer. Ensure that once wiped down it is completely dry.

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