5 of our favourite ‘padkos’ ideas for a road trip

One key element that can make (or break) a road trip is the selection of snacks. After all, what’s a road trip without some tasty ‘padkos’ to keep you energised for the journey?

Wayne Blake, the General Manager at ANEW Resort White River says although grilled cheese sandwiches, meatballs and chicken wings will always be firm favourites, he suggests a few creative alternatives that will inspire your taste buds.

Here are his top five road trip-worthy foods, and a recipe for the ultimate chocolate brownies to sweeten up your travels:

Durban-style pineapple and popcorn

Spicy pineapple – tangy fresh pineapple chunks doused in curry powder – is most definitely one of Durban’s most unique snacks, usually sold by street vendors along the beachfront.

If pineapple makes your mouth itch (a common response to an enzyme in pineapple) try a Durban-style pineapple-inspired snack by preparing a pre-mix of chilli powder, sugar, salt and a dash of vinegar. Generously coat freshly popped popcorn. Make enough – it won’t last long!

Scotch eggs, South African style

Portable and tasty as a cold snack, scotch eggs are filling and comfort food at its best.

Essentially, they are hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried for a delicious snack on the go. For a South African twist, substitute the pork mince for boerewors by simply removing the wors meat from the casting. Prepare a dipping sauce with mayonnaise and a dash of hot sauce or sweet chili sauce for a satisfying snack.

Roasted butternut toasted pumpkin seed & Danish feta salad

This scrumptious and filling salad is a perfect roadside padkos snack when you need to stretch your legs.

Packed with roasted butternut, toasted pumpkin seeds, and Danish feta, it’s a flavourful treat that keeps you satisfied (and healthy) on the go. Add couscous, quinoa, chickpeas or bulgar wheat for additional sustenance. Pack it in glass mason jars and enjoy a fresh taste wherever your journey leads.


 Made from wholesome chickpeas, falafels are a fantastic road trip snack.

Their crispy exterior and flavoursome interior offer a satisfying crunch and bold taste. Whether eaten on their own or in a pita with chilli and coriander, humus or tzatziki, falafel is a convenient and tasty option for vegetarians.

Chocolate brownies

Satisfy your sweet cravings with rich and indulgent chocolate brownies. These heavenly squares of chocolate goodness whether enjoyed as a mid-journey pick-me-up or a post-adventure reward, are the ultimate road trip dessert.

Wayne shares his fool-proof recipe which you can make a day ahead of your trip:

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Written by Savanna Douglas for Woman&Home.

Feature image: Unsplash

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